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Environmental Building Designs - Passive Solar Designs / Smart Home
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Passive Solar Designs / Smart Home

by Environmental Building Designs

Having a smart / sustainable home you will move about more easily, feel safer, save money, improve the environment and live comfortably in your home through all the stages of your life.

We design your building with correct orientation so that during winter, the sun via mass walls and dark floor tiles in the right positions acquire warmth at day time, slowly releasing the heat through the night to keep even temperature in the internal living spaces. The house is oriented to deflect the cold winter winds creating comfortable indoor outdoor living areas.

When it’s summer with the correct orientation & roof overhangs, the house stays cool. We create soft natural ventilation & lighting through each living space. Using correct roof-line in conjunction with carefully placed louvers we create cool, soft breezes throughout the house. The concrete slab & the thick walls cool down at night & give natural air-conditioning during the day. Water spray /mist in the correct position of the garden provide further cool breeze moving gently through the house.

Carefully chosen windows & other openings with correct orientation will result in abundant natural light, views and breezes when desired. This creates a bright & healthy atmosphere, with natural airflow.

We encourage large water rain comes free for drinking & watering purposes..... saving on the council costs.

The solar photovoltaic panels bring you free electricity, with the excess stored in your batteries, or sold back to the grid, for further use.

The solar hot water system again saves on the heating costs which is probably the most expensive energy user in your house. Using energy efficient lighting, chemical free paints and recycled timbers, further increase your quality of life & reduces your cost of living.

Well designed rooms, storage areas & other spaces, enhance privacy & sound barrier between living space & do away with wasted space. (again cost saving)

Thus we create all year round comfort with open, friendly environments, using building materials that harmonize with the nature. ............ truly a smart home..... with great design & natural energy flow!

Average Electricity use per house Qld.

Operational energy

Electrical systems have been metred over the first year of occupation, to breakdown the proportions of energy used in each area of the house and evaluate the solar hot water and electrical systems. The following pie chart summarises energy end use characteristics of the house.

Pie chart showing household energy consumption by location and activity

The household uses an average of 15kWh/day, and this compares with a Queensland average of 19kWh/day.* Given the high level of occupancy in the house (five people, compared with a Queensland average of 2.7 people per household), this represents an impressive reduction in energy consumption. The savings can mainly be attributed to the passive cooling strategy, but also to the solar-electric hot water system. The solar-electric hot water system typically uses 2.5kWh/day, compared to (approximately) 10 kWh/day for an all electric system.

The pumps which pressurise the household water supply and recirculate the greywater through the sand filtration system consume 2.2kWh/day, on average. The research team suggest that the municipal system would use approximately 0.6kWh/day to perform the equivalent functions. Thus there is a potential energy penalty of 1.6kWh/day for the decentralised water services used in the house.

* This 1998-1999 average is for electricity use only, and is taken from the Electricity Supply Association of Australia website:

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