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Environmental Building Designs - Design Process
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The Design Process

We aim to establish an open friendly relationship with the client in order to achieve the best result. The design process is broken down to the following simple stages with opportunity for client feedback at each stage.

Feel free to give as much or as little of your ideas as you like, and we will enhance them with our expertise.

Design Brief & Agreement

We start with an obligation free introductory meeting where we get to know each other and discuss the design   building process. This meeting can take place at the building site or our office.

To avoid misunderstandings from lack of clear information, we request that you provide: A written brief outlining your requirements & desires. (A scrap book with pictures & ideas that appeal to you is helpful).

After this initial meeting a design agreement is drawn up detailing the Project specifics. You (the Client) sign the agreement & pay the required deposit provided you are happy with the specifics of the agreement.

Stage 1. Concept Design

  • A Survey /Contour Plan is required before we begin, showing any existing buildings and services on site. (we can provide this if requested.)
  • We research local government authorities, planning bodies the Council etc...... for all info required.
  • We create our best initial idea, considering our discussions with you, your written brief, the site characteristics & our own design judgment.
  • We demonstrate how we intend to achieving climatic comfort for your building. We show the relationships between the rooms, the landscape, the winter and summer sun & the natural airflow through the building.

Stage 2. Sketch Plans

  • While being mindful of your budget, we modify the Concept Plans, being mindful of your budget until you are totally satisfied with the final design. By this time we will have a completed Computerized 3Dmodel of your building that can be spun around to view the building from all directions. We can also take you through the building to any room to view & experience the indoor /outdoor relationships between your living spaces
  • Before proceeding to Working Drawings we get an initial semi-realistic construction cost estimates from the potential builders. ….. At this stage, if required... final modifications are made, in order that the final design corresponds with the realistic building budget estimate.
    NOTE: The final accurate building estimate can only be achieved from finalized, Engineered, Detailed Working Drawings. (end of Stage 3.)
  • Drawings provided: Site, Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations & 3D Perspectives, window & door openings.

Stage 3. Working Drawings.

Builders plans – completed working drawings to council requirements, with enough detail for the builder to be able to construct this project.
(We communicate all our information & documents with the selected- Builders, Consultants, Engineers & Council departments ….. as required.

Extra Services If Required

(for our designed projects)

Details – Kitchen, Electrical, Landscape & other Details as requested.
(NOTE: enough information is given on the Working Drawings, for consultants to make their own design drawings, therefore some of these details may not be required by the Client).

Contract Administration – Calling of tenders & supplying builders with all required information for the quotation purposes. Quote comparisons & helping the Client select the best value builder. Keeping an eye on the building process for the Client in order that the building is built in accordance to the plans. Providing solutions for any on site problems.

Assistance with Town Planning – we can attend to any Town planning applications & liaison with all required parties.

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